The Mechanics of Life

10 Steps to Turbo-Charge Your Dreams

The Mechanics of Life is a personal growth experience designed to take you through the construction of an automobile as it relates to the re-construction of a purpose driven life.

From the basics of building the chassis to the final interior design, this experience will help you create the life and dreams you desire, but your journey won't stop there. You can use this 10 step process over and over again to achieve all your dreams and goals in life.

You will also learn the power of intentions, integrity and focus to speed you along this new adventure and destination called your dream come true life.

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About the Author

Perry Johnson is a Certified Dream Coach helping people discover and reach their dreams. He is the Original Transformational Mechanic, achieving this title through years of practice transforming his own life from being mundane to extraordinary. Perry has traveled throughout the United States and has written patents, children’s books and now The Mechanics of Life. Perry’s greatest achievement and satisfaction in life has been to help others transform their lives by reaching for and realizing their dreams.

The Mechanics of Life

10 Steps to Turbo-Charge Your Dreams

  • Introduction

    Life’s distractions can lead to confusion which can lead to misdirection.

  • Piece By Piece Vehicle Construction

    This chapter will help you discover how to build a sound frame for your life.

  • A Steering Wheel For Direction

    This chapter will help you set your intention to find your life’s purpose.

  • Moving Forward With The Right Transmission

    Using your integrity to stay in alignment with your intention.

  • Creating A Comfortable Interior

    Use your intention and integrity to focus on finding your purpose in life.

  • The Right Horse-Powered Life

    Place the engine in you life’s car to make it energy efficient and powerful.

  • Find Extra Power

    Add a turbocharger with like-minded people to help reach your dreams.

  • Using GPS

    Creating strategies to focus your intentions and integrity to reach your dreams.

  • Red Light, Green Light

    Hearing from your doubter, critic and skeptic to put them at ease through your realist.

  • Gas, Oil and Go

    Changing limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs to move your life forward.

  • Time to Choose

    Using your new empowering beliefs to create the life you have always wanted.


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